Visual inspections

Regular gearbox inspection is recommended as part of a proactive maintenance programme. Unexpected problems can be inconvenient and repairs can be expensive. However, with regular gearbox inspections by trained experts, Nome identify any issues before a problem occurs. This can save you money and reduce the probability of downtime.

Using state of the art video and vibration monitoring technology we can determine the condition of internal parts, recommending any requirements for spare parts or an overhaul.

Gearbox visual inspection and installation

Nome has inspected thousands of industrial and marine gearboxes over the past 12 years. Our installation service includes

  • Vibration analysis of key components, including main bearings, gearbox, and generator
  • A detailed report on gearbox condition
  • Providers of independent end of warranty inspections
  • An inspection report is drawn up with recommendations for repair
gearbox inspection


The final report is written after testing and includes measurements from before and after the  inspection. If required, recommendations for operating, inspecting and maintenance are also included, resulting in more reliable operations and less unforeseen breakdowns.

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