An online vibration monitoring system that’s easy to install and deploy

Our vibration monitoring system is super easy to set up and the process is painless within 30 min. Data is securely sent to  cloud. Once in the cloud, the vibration sensor data can be analyzed with powerful tools . The result is an affordable system that can setup in minutes, capture data real time, provide  accurate information about your assets. It can alert you of a problem and help you analyze the root cause.

Standard industry vibration sensor that is always monitoring

NMAS Online system can be configured to continuously monitoring data and only send alarms when a certain threshold is met. This includes triggers based on  acceleration.

The NMAS system offers the Worry Free flexibility for users to not worry about normal operating conditions but only be notified when conditions change beyond their established baselines.

Nome nmas easy

Remotely Find out problems early with powerful vibration analysis tools

NMAS Online System is designed to provide more than high quality vibration data, it also includes built-in analysis tools such as RMS trend view and FFT plots, the system allows you to remotely diagnose the problem and answer the questions “how bad is the condition?” and” How to act”.

Signal measurement Nome nmas

A tough system built to survive the harshest industrial environments

With decades experience and thousand field tests, Nome designed the online system to survive the  harshest industrial environments for paper mills, steel mills, factory automation and other industrial applications.