Vibration measurement and analysis

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A vibration measurement makes it is possible to get a good understanding of the condition and functioning of rotating machinery. Vibration measurements can be used to determine the machine condition or to establish the state of a machine after completion or overhaul. Also it can observe early damage or disruptions and use troubleshooting when the conditions of the machine are changing.

Vibration analysis

By analyzing the measurement data, vibration measurement gives a clear picture of the machine. On this basis a good estimation of the machine’s efficiency, mechanical risks and required maintenance can be made. Vibration measurements make a vital contribution to predictive maintenance and continuity assurance.

To perform the measurements and analysis, vibration sensors need to be carefully placed on specific places of the machine, depending on the application. Through a data collector, all the information will be stored. This data is analyzed by one of our specialists and on the basis of the analysis, a report of recommendations can be drawn up.

Nome nmas

Customer-specific vibration measurement and analysis

Each machine requires a specific approach due to various risks and other financial impact on the organization. Nome uses customized vibration measurements and analysis. The range of services includes extensive online and remote condition monitoring programs, expert services and visual inspection, as well as training and support for customers who want to measure and analyze themselves. In addition to these services Nome offers a wide range of instruments including Nmas Simple, Nmas Easy and Nmas Taloired, to suit all your needs.

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