The most frequent questions being raised on company visits, events and training are included in our list of  FAQ displayed below. If you have questions not included in this list, we invite you to contact us and to give us an opportunity to complete our FAQ list.


What benefits do I get for my money? How does the nmas online system end product work ?

As a first step, we configure the Nome solution to your particular asset and the malfunctions that are typically related. Together with you we set up a list with typical malfunctions that occur and the risk tolerance level for each one of them.

  • After the configuration process you will receive periodical updates of the report. The report contains the probability that certain malfunctions occur in the future. Based on risk tolerance levels which we established with you, you will immediately see which components are likely to become a problem at what point in time in the future.
  • You can access the report on an online portal. You can get an overview at the fleet level view and go more into detail to specific components and their related malfunctions and risks.
  • We offer you a live online demonstration of the report, so that you can get to know all its advantages and possibilities. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to make an appointment!
Will use the nmas systemincrease the life of my critical assets?

The intelligence obtained from NMAS can be used to plan optimum maintenance of your critical assets which will certainly increase their life, and more production hours as return.

Does Nome provide earlier warnings and better diagnostics than traditional condition monitoring solution?

Nome’s unique condition monitoring technology is proven to be highly accurate and reliable. The foresight is unique and clearly offers more advantages than basic diagnostic tools.

We are already very advanced in condition monitoring. Does Nome provide us with anything new?
  • Well-established condition monitoring programs are actually a prerequisite for the effective use of our NMAS systems. And on the basis of advanced condition monitoring capabilities, we do indeed provide something new: fundamentally new insights from condition diagnostics and malfunction monitoring allow us to further leverage your benefits from the condition monitoring efforts already spent.
What is your solution able to do that others can´t? What is the difference to other similar systems?
  • Nome’s nmas solution is not just a traditional Condition Monitoring solution: We relate the condition data to the current and future malfunction risks whereas traditional condition monitoring system is replied on data comparisons to generic alarm levels.
  • Nome’s nmas solution is not just predictive analytics: We answer questions related to timing (when) whereas other diagnostics and predictive Analytics systems focus on answering questions on the current equipment condition .
  • Nome’s nmas solution is a perfect aid to your asset management : We provide decision support based on the current and future asset conditions and malfunction risks to fill the gap whereas traditional asset management solution has due to limited top-level statistics.
  • Nome’s nmas solution is important input for your work order management solution: We help prioritize and select maintenance orders based on malfunction risks for your critical assets.
We are operating a hydropower plant. Can you help us to predict and reduce the abrasive corrosion on our hydro turbines?

Yes, of course we can. We actually already have a successful project with an hydropower plant operator running.

Can your nmas systems provide aids for our wind turbines and gearboxes?

Essentially yes, Please contact us to discuss this.

What if NMAS systems does not function properly?

In case of non-funtioning of Nmas online systems, Nome will assist through online troubleshooting , phone troubleshooting or onsite troubleshooting. If a fault is founed, a replacement will be provided at no cost.

Will I require any training or specialized knowledge to understand the various graphic outputs?

No it will not require any specific training as the graphical outcome can be easily understood by engineering staff. Online and phone help is also available.Onsitevisit  will be arragned if required, In addition, Nome experts can provide recommendations for any abnormal situations to further assist decision- making.

Can I trust the technology?

The technology was built upon a foundation of over a decade of research conducted by industrial experts, Oulu university researchers, and it has been verified by a large number of field testings.